Titus is a German Dj and producer who 

has made a name for himself in the 

underground house scene.  


His music is characterized by driving 

basslines, punchy drums and hypnotic 



Titus incorporates elements of tech-

house and minimal tech to create a 

unique and modern sound. 

He often uses samples and vocal snippets 

to add depth and texture to his tracks. 


His music is designed for the 

dancefloor, with a focus on creating a 

high-energy atmosphere that keeps the 

crowd moving.


  • - Junkyard, Dortmund -> Kittball x Solarelektro x Thaibreak Festival 
  • - Podium, Hamm -> Welcome to my House 
  • - Avenue33, Bad Arolsen -> Urban Circus 
  • - Stollen134, Dortmund 
  • - Untergrund, Bochum 
  • - AJZ, Lüdenscheid 
  • - Q, Dortmund 
  • - Nightrooms, Dortmund